Siemens Deka 80# EV6 Injector Set of 8

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  • Type Injectors
  • Vendor Siemens Deka
  • SKU 80#ev6

On 3 Performance 80# injectors manufacture by Siemens/Deka and one of the most popular injector and most commonly used. We often use this option for cars going for at least 600+rwhp and also a perfect injector for the e-85 applications. This is what we run in a number of our shop vehicles running e-85 now for years and will be ideal on most builds

      Examples of EV1 and EV6 Injector plugs are listed in the product gallery at the bottom if you click on the image and blow it up. Please make sure to select the correct ones before checking out. If you are unsure feel free to call us and we will help you. 614-439-0057

   If you have a GM Truck, I have populated a drop down for you so that we can provide you the correct spacers and bolts to adapt them to your intake. Please select accordingly!