(1999-2013) GM Truck 1500 2500 Billet Vacuum Supply Port Fitting

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  • Type Vacuum/Boost Accessories
  • Vendor On3 Performance
  • SKU TR Vac

                After building countless turbo Silverado and Sierra trucks, we wanted to figure out a cleaner way to get vacuum / boost reference to the needed accessories. Whether that be a vac/boost gauge, wastegate, blow off valve, etc, this fitting will allow you to easily route a line neatly to a vacuum block. Its machined with a 8an male outlet so you are able to run either a 8an line or adapt it to a 8an push lock and route it out as needed. This is the exact same fitting we use on our shop turbo trucks. Makes the plumbing so much cleaner. Check out our photos shown to completely understand how to clean up your build.

            To help illustrate what we designed this to do, take a look at the following photos. You will see how this simply bolts right into the port where the evap ran back into it. From here you can simply run an 8an line out to supply your vacuum block or directly to whatever needs Vac/Boost reference: