SUNCOAST- Billet 10r80 2pc Bolt Together Torque Converter - 240mm or 260mm Mustang or F-150

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This new torque converter is manufactured from a solid piece of 7075 T6 billet aluminum plate versus round bar like so many other manufactures. We take this extra step in manufacturing from solid billet plate due to the superior heat treating characteristics. When using round bar we see the tempering is not as solid in the center as solid plate. Using this type of material increases manufacturing cost initially as well as machine operation time, however a necessary step when considering the high inertia and its effects on ballooning the converter. The Suncoast Pro-Loc bolt together converter also includes our patent pending Zero Drag lock up technology. With our Suncoast Zero Drag lockup technology you can expect the following benefits:
  • Allows constant oil flow across the clutch surfaces extracting heat and improving lifespan
  • Less parasitic loss on resulting in more power to the ground
  • Quicker throttle response
  • Faster spooling of aftermarket larger turbochargers
The modular clutch basket assembly allows several clutch configurations allowing maximum tunability. This new modular design allows for unmatched time savings for servicing between rounds to accommodate changing track conditions. Turbine clearance is redesigned to a fixed clearance with a tighter tolerance reducing slip allowing for a more efficient torque converter. This fixed turbine clearance also improves consistency and allowed two thrust bearings to be used versus the factory phenolic thrust washers. The sprag assembly is also replaced with our Suncoast PRO-LOC XL sprag that increases that increases bearing roller surface by an additional 15% improving reliability. Another great feature of this converter is its 3 pass design allowing for individual control of the converter circuit. This converter is manufactured with provisions for 8 bolt holes to accommodate our SFI billet flex plate that is coming in spring 2020. All of this is clamped together with 16 12 point 5/16 bolts. This new new Suncoast Pro-Loc 10R80 torque converter is designed, engineered, and manufactured here in house in Fort Walton Beach Florida by American workers.