Turbosmart GenV Electronic ProGate50 Electronic External Wastegate

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  • Type Wastegates
  • Vendor Turbosmart
  • SKU TS-0554-1502
Turbosmart's Patent Pending, eWG50 is a fully electronic actuated wastegate. Built on the successful, class-leading GenV ProGate50 architecture, now with the kind of control never seen before. Starting with a Turbosmart's GenV wastegate body, you can be confident the mounting orientation will match your existing manifold & outlet hardware. The GenV ProGate40 already had class-leading flow capacity & heat handling characteristics. Now featuring the Turbosmart Patent Pending eWG actuator system, you can also be sure of unparalleled control. There are no springs, no hoses, no boost reference signal, nor any associated limitations. Gone are Minimum boost levels associated with base spring pressure or heat-related issues with hoses. If your manifold priority is good enough, you can set your boost anywhere from zero up to All of it. All from your laptop or tuning interface.
Available in:
40mm CompGate40 eWG TS-0552-1502
45mm HyperGate45 eWG TS-0553-1502
50mm ProGate50 eWG TS-0554-1502
 60mm PowerGate60 eWG TS-0555-1502
Features Class Leading, CFD & Bench Validated Flow Performance Nitronic 40 Valve Guide & High Temp 347 SS Body Liquid Cooled, Electronic Actuator Strap Type V-band clamps User Adjustable Actuator Position Onboard Analog 0-5V Wastegate Position Sensor Onboard Analog 0-5V Actuator Temperature Sensor